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This PSD to WordPress Business theme was developed from a basic PSD. This site includes varied functionality including the use of a custom Slick Slider and the ability to combine CSS and jQuery to show and hide subpages on hover. Features include:

Customizer options

Slick slider


Custom plugin




Style & Imagery



Tahoma Font

Tahoma Normal 16pt

Tahoma is a sans-serif typeface by Matthew Carter made for Microsoft.
Tahoma is similar to Verdana, which has a narrower body and tighter letter spacing.


Project Requirements


Before creating the WordPress theme, a Bootstrap 4 version was made in order to make the conversion process smoother.

With the fully functional Bootstrap version of this site up and running it was time to convert it into a WordPress theme. This process did not prove to be as challenging as I thought it might. The HTML had to be broken down into various template files in order to function in the WordPress way. These included:

  • header.php
  • footer.php
  • front-page.php
  • index.php
  • functions.php

There are many more templates that can be used in a WordPress site, but these are the main ones. If using a starter theme like underscores, a lot of templates will come pre-loaded that can be customized and cut down development time. For this project, I created the template files from scratch in order to better understand how things work under the hood of a WordPress website. Understrap is another starter theme option that comes preloaded with Bootstrap that could be used.

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